Returns Done Right: How Reverse Logistics Could Help E-commerce Businesses Succeed

Girl with an online businessAs some owners of e-commerce businesses are usually focused only on the cycle of fulfilling orders. However, there’s an entire aspect of the supply chain that comes or should come into play after order fulfillment called reverse logistics, which is an integral part of the returns process. If you operate an e-commerce business and have yet to implement a reverse logistics program like ReverseLogix, below are compelling factors you need to take into consideration why you should:

  • Product Returns – Customers return products for various reasons, whether in an e-commerce or physical retail environment.
  • Undelivered or Wrongly Delivered Orders – If you only sell products that could be delivered via electronic means, then you won’t have to worry about this issue. However, this is a fairly common issue that e-commerce merchants must deal with lest they lose their customers.
  • Damaged Products – It’s unacceptable to receive a brand new smartphone only to find that the screen has a scratch on it. However, this could and does happen, so the customer as no choice but to return the damaged product.
  • Malfunctioning or Defective Products – You wouldn’t want to hear a customer complaining about headphones that don’t produce any sound. Sometimes, however, the performance of the products you sell is out of your hands. So what do you do in cases like this? This issue could happen to physical retail owners and online retailers. With physical retail, however, it’s relatively easy for customers to return the defective headphones. In an e-commerce scenario, however, the customer should be provided with options, including free shipping for returns or pickup at the customer’s location.
  • Product Exchanges – Many customers find the exchange programs appealing. Who wouldn’t? After all, they get the latest version of their device at little to no cost. However, exchange programs present additional procedures, mainly collecting items, for the e-commerce owner.

Put simply, if you want all these issues addressed, maintain excellent customer relations, get more repeat business, and increase profit, you need to start employing a reverse logistics program. When starting out, review your current returns process to see how you could adjust it and incorporate a reverse logistics system that would work for you. You could likewise outsource your reverse logistics tasks or consult a reverse logistics provider to help you get started.