Rest in Peace: Plan Funeral Arrangements in Advance to Avoid Debt in Death

funeral arrangementDeath is an inevitable but unpredictable part of life. It can happen to anyone you know or even to yourself at any time. To grieve for a loved one’s passing is only natural. Unfortunately, that’s not the only thing you’ll have to worry about; even in death, you do not stop incurring expenses.

The average funeral costs in the UK have gone up to £3,784 in 2017, while average funeral debt reached £1,680 or a total of £160 million. Experts also project funeral costs will continue inflating as the years pass. Rowland Brothers, a family-owned funeral service company in Croydon, recommends pre-paying for a funeral plan to help keep costs reasonable while still giving yourself a proper send-off.

Protection from Funeral Cost Inflation

One of the biggest draws of pre-paying for your funeral arrangement is the savings. A pre-paid funeral plan provider often allows clients to pay in monthly or regular instalments. Member companies of the Funeral Planning Authority also ensure that your payments are safely invested or saved and ready when you’ll need it. With more time to plan and pay for your funeral, you can control your related expenses. You won’t have to feel the pinch when you manage it well.

Moreover, paying for your funeral arrangement now means you’re paying at the current rate. This translates to freezing the inflation rate. You’ll also be protecting yourself and your loved ones from higher expenses and possible funeral debt in the future.

Full Control over Funeral Plans

Pre-paying for your funeral allows you to have control over all the arrangements. You have more time to look over the available options, and you can tailor your funeral to your preferences, including choosing the funeral director, ceremony, coffin, cemetery, and more.

Taking care of all the funeral arrangements lessens both the emotional and financial burden on your family. They’ll be given more time to grieve your passing instead of worrying over how to pay for the services. In fact, knowing your funeral will be conducted according to your wishes can be a source of comfort for your loved ones.

A pre-paid funeral arrangement not only safeguards you against the higher costs in the future but also offers peace of mind. With the help of a trusted funeral director or planning company, you can find a pre-paid plan that fits your needs.