Repurposing Content to Your Advantage

Content Marketing in MelbourneWhen you have been in your niche for years, it is difficult to keep publishing unique content every week, let alone every day. In such cases, a digital marketing agency in Melbourne cites that one of the ways to keep your blog or website fresh is to repurpose content. Repurposing has many benefits, some of which are: reaching a different market, repackaging an old but still relevant story and maximising your efforts.

Certain ways allow you to repurpose content effectively, here are some of them.

Turn Old Blog Posts Into Guides

You may have already written several posts about a certain topic, to repurpose them effectively, repackage them as a new guide that your readers may want to read and share. Your niche may be travel and you have several articles about different parts of Japan, repurpose these and rename it as “The Ultimate Guide to Visiting Japan for First-Timers” this may attract new readers and keep your website fresh.

Webinars Into Tutorials

You may have hosted multiple webinars for several clients or other attendees. However, not everyone may have seen them, and several months later, you might have a new batch of interested visitors. Maximise those webinars by turning them into video tutorials that you can share for free or for a price.

Blog Post Into a Podcast

Don’t let those previous blog posts go to waste you have quite a few options when it comes to repurposing this type of content. One of the ways to extend its use is to turn it into a podcast. If you feel that you don’t have the voice for it, you can always outsource talent to do the speaking for you.

These are just a handful of ways to repurpose content; try different combinations to determine which ones work the best for you and your campaign.