Readiness Checklist for Scrap Metal Selling

Scrap MetalWhen it comes to selling your scrap metals, there are things you just don’t leave to chance. Because the more prepared you appear on a shop, the more likely you’ll get the most out of your scrap.

You can be that person – prepared and certain – if you do the following:

Remove Items That are of No Value to Shops

Whether you’re selling copper wires or tin cans, you have to bring them to the shop either scrapped or stripped of label.

Try not stripping your wire of insulation. Guess what you’ll get if you remove the insulation?  Fifty-percent less than the value of your copper wire.

Sell Your Scrap to a Specialty Shop

A specialty shop recycles one or more types of metal scrap. If you sell your scrap directly to these shops, you’ll not have to deal with middle buyers who pay less than specialty shops do. You have to separate and segregate your scrap metals before bringing them to the specialty shop.

Know the Price of Your Scrap Metal

You can’t afford to be misled, by either assuming or being clueless. Copper wires are bought at different prices, depending on their grade levels. This is also true for other scrap metals.

You may call your prospective specialty shops for their current rates. says scrap metal dealers in Brisbane can provide you with quotes through their websites. Note that there are other factors to consider besides pricing. These include distance from your place in Brisbane and customer service.

Choose a Shop with a Good Reputation

Sell your scraps to shops that abide by the law. This ensures that they don’t buy robbed materials and use only calibrated and certified scale. Inaccuracy in scale can lead to decrease in the overall value of your scrap.

Dealers with good reputation also have equipment for faster operations. This is also a way of showing that they value your time too.

Making money out of scrap metals should not be a trial and error approach. The more ready your materials are, the more you’re guaranteed of a good deal.