Prevent Accidents Through Safe and Effective Use of Forklifts

Forklift TrainingWorking in an industrial environment takes a lot of effort and strength to accomplish different tasks; it is more challenging and risky compared to other working environments such as an office. Workers in an industrial setting are more exposed to extreme conditions. To maintain safety at work, they must be skilled at using different types of equipment.

Equipment and Safety

Many equipment pieces are used in both the manufacturing and construction industries. Workers must have extensive knowledge and proper training to make sure these machineries won’t do any harm to anyone.

One of the most commonly used ones in an industrial environment is the forklift, a heavy-duty lift truck used for handling heavy loads in construction sites. Like other machineries, forklifts can be risky to use. That’s why some companies require forklift training to their workers for safety purposes.

Operating Forklifts Safely

A worker is not allowed to operate forklifts without a license and proper training. Before use, make sure to do a routine check on the brakes, steering, warning devices, controls, mast and tyres. Remember that the management should always be notified if there are damages which need to be fixed.

Also, pay attention to your surroundings and observe the rules and safety guidelines. Be aware of the signs; there are maximum permitted floor loadings and clearance heights for this equipment. Always keep a safe distance from the edge, as there are reported cases of forklifts falling over while being operated near the edge of a loading dock.

Driving a forklift has one similar rule as driving a car: never exceed the speed limit. Change directions gradually to avoid hazards. When transporting loads, the operator must ensure the forklift’s stability and security. Use securing measures if required.

It is important to clear the mast. Never let any other workers stand or walk under this machinery. There have been accident reports about falling loads that caused injuries and even death to workers.

Safety gears and appropriate clothing must be observed at all times. We can never tell when an accident may happen, so make sure operators are always on their toes to maintain safety at work.