Preparing Your Piano for a Move: Useful Hacks

Piano Removal in AucklandIf you own a piano, you know its value and how important it is to care for it. Pianos come in different models, sizes and age. If you’re moving into another city or state, you’re probably concerned about how safely your piano will get to the other side.

Being such a delicate item, you want to be sure that the required experience comes into play during the packing and preparation. This is where piano movers in Auckland come in.

Here are some hacks to help you:

Caring for delicate wood

The elegant, yet fragile presence of wood is the first thing you notice about a piano. When wrapping the piano, you need to be careful to ensure that the tape doesn’t come into contact with the wood as it could ruin the piano’s surface.

Piano casters

Casters on the piano legs nay not comfortably support the weight of a moving piano. When preparing to wrap your piano, do not drag on the casters. You may end up damaging your floor or even breaking them. If you have the experience, you can remove the legs. Carefully wrap each leg in a blanket and tape to protect against damage and loss. Do not pack them in boxes as they could get lost.

Lid and keyboard

When moving a piano, you want to ensure that the lid and the keys are protected since they are very delicate. Lock your keyboard lid, if it doesn’t lock, close it and secure your lid when wrapping the piano.

Wrap the piano

You’ll need padded blankets to cover your piano. This will prevent your piano from getting scratches. You can add a plastic wrap on top of the blanket if you’re worried about your piano getting wet.

Remember to create space for the movers to easily access the piano. Clear the room of any boxes cluttering the area as they could create risks and complications. If you’re in need of a piano moving service contact an experienced moving company to get professional movers who will safely deliver your piano.