Preparing for New Zealand’s Digital Explosion

New Zealand's Digital ExplosionCisco, a corporate technology company, released a survey stating how New Zealand’s internet speeds will more than double in the coming years. The current state of the country’s population has 86% of Kiwis using the internet, but the survey is projecting it to rise to 94% come 2020. According to Cisco’s 2016 Visual Networking Index, the country’s IP traffic will eventually double and peak at 50 gigabytes per person.

Why the Need for Faster Internet?

The average download speed in New Zealand is good enough for most people, but seeking faster speeds is understandable. For others, ultrafast broadband such as fibre is unsatisfactory, but with the country progressing, there is going to be an increase in the number of devices requiring access to data.

Cisco’s Head of Digital Transformation in NZ says about 75% of devices are going to be machine to machine. This involves satellite sensors covering farms, factory operations and health devices. Consumer goods such as FitBits and Apple Watches are looking to be an everyday sight.

Preparing for the Digital Boom

Businesses, if they want to remain competitive, need to have the necessary internet speeds. A VDSL connection, at present, has monthly costs of about $5 more than a fibre connection providing 100Mbps. For a business to grow with the hopes of succeeding, they need to recognise these opportunities.

So, in preparation for the next couple of years, here are two things you can account for:

  • If you want good service, you have to pay for it. Rapid Loans discusses how small cash loans structure around a range of other factors and have repayment periods extending up to 36 months. Businesses need to have the data speeds to match their competitors’ offers.
  • If you want to be ahead, you have to take risks. A business can reap huge rewards if a risk pays off. The digital boom is looking at an increase in demand, and businesses will need to have the infrastructure to meet clients and their demands.

In preparing for the digital boom, it will do your business good if you begin investing in faster data connections as soon as possible.