Post-Winter Garage Checks: What Could Go Wrong in the Long Cold

Brown GarageWinter notoriously halts everything to a complete stop. Even in warmer places where the cold season is not as bad, people keep tasks at a minimum because utilities could terminate at any time. Most people survive, fortunately, and come at the other side all fine. As for things in and around the house, some of them do not survive the long cold.

Doors and windows should be fine, but for those that stay immobile, the frost could get to them. Garages and garage doors get cold during the winter. For most homeowners, they cannot afford to insulate the inside spaces of their garages mainly because no one will benefit from it and it is just extra expenses.

Nonetheless, these things are likely to happen to a garage door during or after the winter:

Sensor Damage

Sensors are most vulnerable to cold damages, especially in roller doors. Melbourne just recently shivered through the coldest winter in 26 years, and it is likely that garages in the area are not opening. Highly functional but sensitive, garage sensors cannot last shifting, extreme climates without sturdy protection.

Panel Ice

Without climate control, ice is bound to build up in garage doors. Furthermore, when rain combines with strong, cold winds, it will freeze everything around the garage. Most vulnerable to ice buildup are the door panels. They will literally freeze and get stuck.

Bracket Misalignment

Steel is strong, but environmental forces are even stronger. When it gets colder than usual, the metal brackets can contract and throw the alignment of the garage door. It makes it hard for the door to move up and down its tracks.

Post-Winter Checkup Checklist

Do not open the garage door just yet. Moving it after the winter could throw the machinations all out of order. First, look for accumulated dirt and ice. Clean it off the panels, especially the ones that built up in the doors’s track way. Next, examine which of the hinges are not moving. Put kerosene in the frozen parts and remove rust using steel wool.

People can still get repair services if the winter did a big number on the garage doors. It is safer to entrust the work to them, so that things will get finish in time and done right.