Planning An Event? These 4 People Should Be Present In An Events Space

business eventAlthough some may think it’s all glitz and glamour, organizing an event isn’t an easy task. Finding a venue requires teamwork, which means you have to enlist help from a wide range of professionals. When you’re looking for a corporate event space like the Manhattan Center in NYC, here are the professionals needed to hold an event successfully.

Logistics Experts

Logistics experts make sure that materials needed for the event are delivered on time. They keep contact with the shipping companies who are tasked to deliver the needed packages. Without logistics experts, your events staff would have no idea about the estimated time of arrival of deliveries.

Lighting Designers

Lights are important in an event because it gives the audience vision of those who are onstage. It also ensures certain areas are well-light like the buffet table, the entrance, and such. In events where there are multiple performances or speeches, the lighting designer may work with the production staff to make sure the lights are cued or timed for certain parts of a performance.

TV And Audio Engineers

Events nowadays utilize sound systems, speakers, and television monitors to play music or a video. Manning the controls for the sound system or video controls requires TV or audio engineers because they are the only ones who can fix technical glitches that may happen such as audio skipping or videos that won’t play.


The guests, performers, and staff of an event will need refreshments and meals, which is why food needs to be catered. This is where caterers can help; they can cook, prepare, and deliver the requested food and drinks for the event. They’ll also provide the utensils, plates, and glasses.

Team Effort

Organizing a successful event must be a team effort for everyone involved. You’ll need experts to take care of deliveries, lighting, audiovisuals, and food. Once you have all these, then the event should be all set.