Person of Power: 3 People Skills Winning Entrepreneurs Have

a female entrepreneur on her way to workRegardless of the industry you’re in, you’re bound to interact with people. And interacting with people right is one of the best ways to bring success to your business. With that said, here are the people skills you need to develop to win in your industry:


The basic of all people skills. When it comes to the ability to communicate, it boils down to one thing: clarity. You should be able to clearly cascade to employees what you want them to achieve or relay to a business partner an opportunity you think is profitable. When you’re not able to achieve clarity in communication, you’ll end up in the middle of messed-up results and missed opportunities.

Note that communication isn’t just about relaying words, it’s also about listening. Practice active listening to stakeholders. It will not just give you fresh, new perspectives on matters, but more importantly, show people the respect they deserve.


This works both ways: You should be able to trust the people around you, at the same time, let them trust you. The former requires discernment about choosing the people you surround yourself with. Be strategic when it comes to building your team, prioritizing talent and character. So that by the time your partner shares a business idea, let’s say opening a restaurant or exploring a co-working franchise opportunity, you’ll have the assurance that they only want the best for you.

At the same time, you must establish your trustworthiness to the people around you. You should be able to show your competence and stick to your promises.


Yes, businesses are supposed to be serious and professional, but it doesn’t mean entrepreneurs have to be coldhearted individuals to maintain a good image. The fact is empathy or the ability to share with others’ feelings is necessary for business.

For one, it empowers employees. When your team feels that you genuinely care for them, for their health or their families, they become more committed not just to your business, but to you as well. Empathy also allows you to think outside of your business and explore opportunities to serve the community that patronizes your brand. Bigger companies are dedicating time and resources to CSR projects, and that in turn contributes to their good image.

People skills are indispensable in business. So make sure you communicate clearly, trust willingly, and always show empathy.