Part 141 Flight Schools: Essentials for Accountability

AviationModern aviation schools come in two classifications, primarily differentiated by the regulations they must adhere to. Generally speaking, Part 141 schools have much stricter standards for accountability and documentation than their Part 61 counterparts.

While this makes them the preferred choice for aspiring commercial pilots, it does come with its own challenges. You cannot just focus on improving the pass rates of your enrollees; the school must prioritize following aviation regulations first.

Below, My Flight Solutions shares the basic guidelines for maintaining accountability:

  1. Expect inspections – One of the defining characteristics of Part 141 schools is that they are subject to no notice inspections by the FAA. As such, your staff should maintain constant vigilance, and always expect an audit. Cutting corners should never be tolerated.
  2. Use the right software – Management software is invaluable for flight schools of all sizes, but make sure that you purchase the right kind. There are specialized part 141 management systems on the market, which have key differences that will help you meet regulatory requirements.
  3. Put safety first – Nothing is more important than ensuring the safety of your students and instructors. The FAA will:
  • maintain all aircraft to the highest industry standards;
  • enforce detailed safety practices for actual flight training sessions; and
  • provide suitable facilities that meet relevant standards.
  1. Keep detailed records – Finally, the value of detailed record keeping cannot be overstated. Every student enrolled and lesson flown should have accompanying paperwork. Again, management software can greatly simplify this task while preventing errors.

The stringent monitoring and supervision that Part 141 schools are subject to leave little room for error. If you wish to remain competitive, it is important that you make full compliance with the regulations one of your school’s highest priorities at all times.