Organisation: A Key Solution to Crime in Ports

asset management servicesThere was none other than HBO’s The Wire that brought organised crime in ports to a wider audience. The show’s reputation for stark reality enabled them to display the truth, which is that crime is present in seaports. A person can only learn so much from a fictional show, but it does a good job in raising awareness, which in turn, piques curiosity and leads to interest.

Ports, as an entry to almost a billion tonnes of international cargo, are a prime portal to trade illicit goods. Furthermore, dockyards employ a large workforce, making it harder to track everyone or trace products. If organised crime groups want to avoid paying duty on transported goods, they go to ports.

How Maritime Crime Works

Right now, organised crime groups have their grips on port administration. Thus, it is not hard for them to receive insider information and transport contraband easily. In particular, they get to extract goods from bond stores and warehouses before customs can clear the freight.

Organisation as Solution

Providers of asset management services, such as, offer operational solutions for lower project costs and higher project value. Primarily, they help port authorities to comply with ISO standards, reducing risks and decreasing the overall expenditures. Its secondary effects, however, help with organisation, including barcode scanning, RFID location servicing, SCADA integration and feed integration. It can even help companies collaborate with the WFH systems.

The biggest weakness of any port in the world is not being able to monitor everything. While docks employ professionals and technology, there is still an organisational gap that could potentially eliminate illegal channels where criminals operate.

The Government’s Role

As the authority of the land, the government is responsible for preventing crime in the first place. So far, they have assigned waterfront task forces, developed measures to address vulnerabilities and more. They have also collaborated with several agencies to ensure maximum shielding from crime.

The collective effort from the industries and companies is having an effect on curbing crime in ports. Considering drugs, animals and weapons go through dockyards, it is only reasonable for the entities involved to act against it.