Online Shopping Isn’t Everything: A Closer Look at the Benefits of Retail Mall

Online Shopping

Online shopping has become more popular over the years. In Singapore alone, 69 per cent of consumers buy products online, even though the same product can be found in physical stores. It is a sensible choice, especially for individuals who do not have the time to buy pantry supplies from a physical grocery store or to look for a gift in a local boutique.

This does not mean that you should forget about retails malls. Leaving a store with exactly what you need in your hands as soon as you part with your payment is sheer luxury. If you can afford the time, then why not take some time off to spend a couple of hours at a mall in Paya Lebar?

Window Shopping for the Right Fit

Trying to buy clothes online can be a confusing and frustrating experience if you don’t know your size or what looks good on you. There’s only so much a digital image can convey and the fit on your body is not one of them. While online stores offer endless choice, there is a limitation in touching and feeling the garments you desire. Besides having to wait for your shipment, you can never be sure if something fits you right until you get to try it on. That may take days and in some cases, weeks. At a physical store, you are given space to explore and examine different styles and fits without the anxiety of getting disappointed when your online purchase finally arrives.

Ready, Spec, Go

Reading online reviews and researching on the specifications of a product you are eyeing certainly empowers you to make an informed decision. However, read through 10 pages of reviews and you will end up feeling uncertain even if something seems like a good purchase because not all reviews will be consistent. On the other hand, walking into a store and getting your answers instantly from a knowledgeable retail associate just simplifies the process. You are still making an informed decision, but it is just much faster. There is a certainty that you will leave with exactly what you need in hand.

Malls are Great Social Spaces

If nothing else, shopping malls provide you with lots of things to see and a reason to get out and walk around. Gather a group of friends, and you will have an interesting place to wander about together. As soon as you enter, you’re surrounded by dazzling sights and sounds, whirling masses of people to watch and plenty of things to buy, do and experience.