Nozzles Used for Sewer Jetting

man fixing and cleaning pipeYour plumbing system has many parts, but the drains are generally the most important. Pipes are unfortunately at risk of clogging, which might cause extensive water damage and require costly repairs. Routine drain cleaning is the ideal solution to prevent drain clog formation.

There are different techniques used in professional drain cleaning, but some are inefficient and cause pipe breakage. Gleaning from services such as All Hours Plumbing and Drain Cleaning, sewer jetting is currently the most efficient drain cleaning option in Salt Lake City. The technique involves using water under high pressure to clean pipe interiors. The following are the nozzle categories used for hydro jetting:

Point Jet Nozzles

These nozzles release precise water jets through round holes. Point jet nozzles discharge water at the highest pressure among all jetting nozzles. They are used to clean and hard-to-remove debris, like concrete and grease.

Rotating Nozzles

These have a rotating component that sprays water through their front and sides. Rotating nozzles are generally used for cleaning sewers with multiple angles and bends since they will snake the drains efficiently. They are also efficient in removing tree roots, which cause drain blocks in older plumbing systems.

Flat Jet Nozzles

These release fan-shaped water sprays through broad triangular slots. Though the water pressure from the nozzles is low, it has considerable penetrating power. A flat jet nozzle is often used for cleaning pipes made of delicate materials. The nozzle’s water jets break the debris before it is pushed or vacuumed out.

The given hydro-jetting nozzles have revolutionized drain cleaning. The store-bought chemical compounds used by property owners who want to cut costs corrode the materials used for pipes and cause blockages. Diligence is essential when choosing a hydro-jetting company. Choose a company that has the right expertise since the wrong jetting pressure will break your pipes.