Networking for Business and for the Community

Business NetworkingYour business can become more popular among local customers if you take part in community activities. Not only are you going to get potential leads, but also you will be able to take part in community building. This is a good way of giving back to the people who have been supporting your business.

Joining the Local Chamber of Commerce

While a chamber of commerce in your area aims to help owners market and network for more opportunities, you can propose activities to other entrepreneurs that can help the community. A fund drive, for example, is one way to make this happen. According to BNI Australia, for even more opportunities to get to know more contacts, a business referral program is another option. Such programs let business owners help each other. Who knows, you may be able to convince your peers to start a program for the community.

Starting a Feeding Program

Get in touch with your local government to find out how to start a feeding program in your community. You may also try talking to local church officials. Church communities often allow such programs at their premises. Partner up with other businesses to make the program bigger, so you can feed more and sustain the activity for a long time.

Volunteer at Your Local Garden

Tending to a local vegetable garden can be fun. People who take care of a garden are known to enjoy certain health benefits, as well. Talk to your employees regarding this plan. Most, if not all of them, are likely to agree to your idea. Have some T-shirts or aprons printed with your logo and whatever you decide to name your volunteer program. This is the marketing part of your activity, albeit it takes a backseat to your priority of helping the community.

Networking doesn’t have to be all about business all the time. Make an effort to help in your local community; more people will support your business and you will enjoy the feeling of being able to help other people.