Must Have Buffet Equipment For the Christmas Season

Buffet Equipment For the Christmas SeasonChristmas is less than two months away. Hostservice suggests that to pull off a successful Christmas event you should have great food, a great venue and, most importantly, great buffet equipment. It is crucial to provide your guests with excellent food and service and this can best be achieved by having the right buffet equipment. Before Christmas songs start hitting the airwaves, take the time to go shopping for buffet equipment that will contribute to the success of your event.

Bowls and Frame Systems

With an innovative, modular bowl and frame system you can mix-and-match pieces from a range of bowls and bases. When choosing, go for a lustrous, contemporary style that will enable you to develop tempting and distinctive buffet arrangements to suit your event and venue. For example, you could choose a small rectangular bowl board in dark wood with three holes that perfectly fit half-litre bowls. This will allow you to present a selection of nibbles to your guests, from dips and chips to olives and pickles.

Serving and Platter Trays

Platters and trays are necessary for food service and are ideal for presenting all kinds of foods from sandwiches and rolls to pastries and cakes. Look for good-quality, practical trays in chip- and scratch-resistant melamine. Choose trays that have straight outer edges, small corners and great presentation surfaces. These will enhance the sophisticated ambiance you would like to create for the buffet display at your corporate events.

Presentation Risers and Stands

It can sometimes be difficult to see all the food options at a buffet if there are many dishes on display. It is important that all foods are visible at a glance to make it easy for guests to choose their meal options. Risers and stands add dimensions to your display and can be used to create versatile layouts. Opt for risers that feature at least three height variations, allowing you to craft a stylish and distinctive buffet presentation. A float stand, made of chrome for long-lasting sturdiness, is also a great investment. Each compartment, set a different height, enables you to present a selection of food in a way that is attractive and easy for your guests to see.

Great buffet equipment enhances the food and enables your guests to enjoy the dishes even more. When shopping for buffet equipment, it is best to go for durable materials such as melamine, since these will be durable enough to last for several Christmases.