Moving Made Easy: Tips in Packing Heavy Items

Tips for PackingThe joy in staying in a new place is easily dampened by the stress of packing. How do you fit years of your life in boxes? While there are people who can help in the delivery of your heavy packages for you such as Atom Logistics, there is no easy way out in packing the things that are moving with you.

So before you get stalling again, here are 5 of the simplest packing tips to help you have a smooth move. 

Tips for packing

  1. Have a list

It always pays to have a list. That way, you won’t forget important things. By being organised, you will know in which box item A is and it would be easier to locate it if there is a need to do so.

  1. Protect them well

Wrap fragile things with bubble wraps and other important items with soft clothes or newspaper to prevent them from breaking. Using a cling wrap to keep things intact is also easy and efficient. Aside from packing your things well, protecting them should also be your top priority.

  1. Fill the spaces

There would always be gaps in your boxes and it is important to fill these spaces up using pieces of cardboard in order to protect your items. There should be nothing moving in the box once it is sealed. This would prevent items from moving and hitting on each other during shipping.

  1. Distribute the weight

Aside from filling spaces, one important way of protecting your items is through distributing the weight of the items inside the box evenly. Doing so can prevent tilting of boxes which cause breakage.

  1. Label them properly

Do not forget to label them properly if the items inside the box are fragile or are heavy for one or two people to lift. This can protect the movers from sustaining injuries and can protect your items as well.

Packing and moving are not everyone’s cup of tea. But with the right style, lots of practice and a whole lot of patience, transferring your things to your new place can be easier.