Mobility For The Elderly: These 5 Aids Help Seniors Walk With Balance Again

Man with his electric wheelchairBefore, seniors only had crutches to rely on when they could no longer stand and walk properly. Now, thanks to modern technology, seniors can now use scooters, electric wheelchairs, or walking frames as additional methods of moving around. These mobility aids work in different ways and are suited for various conditions of the elderly.

Here’s a closer look at how they work.

1. Scooters would describe a scooter as a vehicle that has a seat over two rear wheels, a platform for the feet, and two front wheels that can be steered via a handlebar. Because scooters are power-operated, the senior wouldn’t have to exert much force in using it to move around.

2. Manual Wheelchairs

Manual wheelchairs are chairs with wheels. These are the ones commonly used in hospitals, emergency response situations, and such. Manual wheelchairs are operated by directing the wheels forward using hands. The wheels are designed to be easily reachable.

3. Electric Wheelchairs

Electric wheelchairs are essentially motorised wheelchairs. They can be operated to move on their own, with the user controlling the direction. Electric wheelchairs can recline to support the posture of the senior using it.

4. Walking Frames

Walking frames are frames made of lightweight material that a senior can use while walking. The frame provides balance and stability, so its user won’t fall. Seniors who struggle with a walking stick can use a walking frame instead.

5. Rollators

Rollators look similar to walking frames, in that they both are composed of metal or sturdy material that users can grip on to move around. The difference is that rollators have wheels on each leg, which allows a user to move in a direction just by pushing the rollator easily.

Mobility For The Elderly

To conclude, seniors today can choose from various mobility aids to help them walk stably again. These aids include rollators, walking frames, wheelchairs, or scooters. As long as you provide mobility for the elderly, you ensure that their quality of life stays as good as before.