Mining for a Job in Perth

JobsThere is good news and bad news for residents of Perth. The good news is that the city is in the middle of an economic boom. Most reports state that there is an increase in employment opportunities in the mining industry, for example, and that the number of unemployed is sure to go down.

The bad news is there are some reports that say the unemployment rate is at its highest since 2003. These seem to be going in opposite directions. So what should we believe?

New Graduates Caught In The Middle

Both types of reports are right. There are many jobs available, but they may not be the right ones, says an employment agency Perth job seekers often look forward to find their starting line. The fact is that many new university graduates are having a hard time finding employment because they spent too much time studying and not enough time working.

Many higher-level positions require some work experience from their applicants, which new graduates do not have. On the other hand, some find themselves overqualified for entry-level positions that do not require experience. It is a tough position to be in, although it is bound to be temporary.

Many new graduates in Perth are biding their time going from one employment agency to the next doing temp and part-time work to earn money and get experience. That is, of course, until they qualify for a full-time position in their field.

More People Coming In

Good news travels fast. There are good job prospects in Perth and people are coming into the area to look for work. This is affecting how the employment rates compute, because the population is growing faster than jobs filled. Statistics will thus show that instead of going down, the number of unemployed people is going up.

The numbers do not always give an accurate picture of a situation. Any employment agency in Perth is well aware that the demand for the right people for jobs is there. It is only a matter of being in the right place at the right time, asking the right questions of the right people.