Messing It Up At Work

Clustered OfficeTime and again, you’ve heard how cluttered rooms are the mark of a creative, hardworking brain. While that fact is still yet to be proven, a messy workspace definitely has an effect on the way people think, work, and interact. Even more so if you find yourself in that same cluttered space eight hours a day, five days a week.

And not to burst your bubble, but it’s not as pleasant as you think it is, Forte Commercial Cleaning says.

Cluttered office = cluttered brain

When your workspace is a mess, chances are that the way you think is also a mess. You might think, “I’ll be able to ignore that stack of unorganized papers soon enough,” or, “I should just ignore that smudge on the glass window.” You might think that you’re ignoring it, but you actually aren’t.

That stack of papers or that smudge is something that scientists like to call “visual stimuli”, or something that your brain wants to respond to once you see it. If you are constantly seeing those stimuli, then your brain constantly wants to respond to it – and that response is most likely something not related to the work you need to do. That constant ignored response causes your brain to be working with less attention than it should, making you not as effective at work as you should be.

Get things in order

Obviously, you need to get rid of all the visual stimuli – simply known as mess – in your office. Organize the papers. Dust the shelves. Clean the windows. Replace the lighting, if you have to. Not only will you have a cleaner workspace; you’ll also find yourself more able to focus, and the clients who come to see you at work will be pleased with how well-maintained your office is.

Of course, doing all that cleaning is hard on your own. You’ll need to hire professional help so that you won’t be doing all the cleaning yourself. Also, these cleaning services know exactly how to tidy up your office, so you can be sure that you’ll get that mess out of your way for good.