Maximise Space in Your Store with These Design Ideas

Storage warehouse with metal shelves
While the old mum and pop corner store still has that old-world charm, designing your retail shop in a modern way also presents some benefits. Apart from the appeal, what you need from your store is an efficient design that maximises space.

Here are some suggestions on how to achieve that:

Bare bones design

With a bare bones model, you do not have to worry too much about paint or a ceiling, as the warehouse style interior has its appeal. Use your walls for displaying items to save on space. Instead of using regular store shelves, use the cantilever type of storage racks. With this kind of design, you may not even need a separate warehouse.

Accent wall

For limited spaces, it may be more advisable to paint the walls a certain light colour such as white. This makes the area look a little wider. If you are worried about the dullness, choose a part of the store to make an accent wall. Colour it red or some other strong shade that will make it pop.

Mirror effect

To give the illusion of even more space, you can use the old mirror wall effect. A mirror wall makes the place look wider than it really is, especially when someone is looking through the shop window into the interior.

For shops selling home fixtures, it is best to use the walls to hang mirrors instead of building racks or shelves on all of them.

Taller displays

For shops with more headroom than floor space, you can build up instead of out. Use the space above. Taller shelving or racks match a warehouse style space, but they can also work with a regular store style with a very high ceiling.

Just make sure you properly illuminate every part of the shop, as high racks may block some of your lighting. Use more glass windows or walls to let natural light inside. Use reflective surfaces to your advantage, as well. With all that space above, think of building a mezzanine or loft for more store space.

When you are a store owner, you want your shop store to have as much display space as possible without making the place look claustrophobic. You want your customers to shop in comfort. Follow these pieces of advice when decorating or building your store and you cannot go wrong.