Make Your Home More Secure

Home SecurityHome security should be the top concern of every homeowner, regardless of where they live. In many cases, simple things can deter criminal minded individuals from entering your home. Here are some tips that should help:

Secure All Doors with Additional Locks

A key lock works well, but a dead bolt should provide additional security to your home. Some studies show that home invaders also like to enter through the garage. So the experts at O’Brien Garage Doors add that you need to make sure you undergo a garage door repair service in Chester County to reinforce this part of the house. Even locks for the windows would help, making it doubly difficult for invaders to come inside.

Keep Your Car and Pathways Visible

If you have a second car, make sure it can be seen outside when you’re at work. Having a light that automatically turns on at night is also helpful so that the pathway to your home is illuminated. Burglars try to avoid being seen as much as possible, so they prefer homes without sufficient outdoor lighting. Timer apps should work very well for this, giving you lots of control in your home with just a flick of the phone.

Install Shades on Windows

Windows can be used by burglars to tell them whether you’re home or not. Make it more difficult for them by installing shades so that they’ll never know if someone is actually in residence or not. Combine this with properly timed lights, and you should be able to fool a lot of people. If you’re going away for some time, make a point of canceling your paper deliveries.

Trim Your Lawn

Again, burglars avoid homes where they can be easily spotted. Trim your hedges and make it easy for people to spot anyone trying to sneak into your home.

With these tips, you should be able to increase your home security. Of course, if you can spend some money on it, try installing even just one security camera to deter burglars.