Make the Most of Your Digital Marketing Efforts with these Metrics

Digital Marketing AgencyEstablishing a strong online business presence should be one of your top marketing goals. With all the tools and apps available to you, implementing the right strategies is relatively easy. What’s complicated is assessing and determining what part(s) of your strategy is truly working and what is not.

According to reliable digital marketing companies in Temecula, getting a firm assessment of your digital marketing efforts is crucial to achieving success in the realm of online marketing. Following are some metrics that you can use to determine if your strategies are working.


When you measure your site’s total traffic, you will get a good idea of the number of page views and unique visitors you are receiving over a specific period. Keep in mind that the higher the number of unique visitors your site gets, the greater your chances are of gaining potential clients.

Measuring the amount of traffic your website is generating is useful when using search engine optimization (SEO). If the keywords and phrases you have in place are generating traffic, then it is safe to say that your SEO strategy is effective. If those keywords and phrases are not generating the desired traffic, then it is best to make some adjustments.


The ultimate goal of any online marketing campaign is converting traffic into leads. As you measure the conversion rate of visitors, you will not only determine which of your techniques are delivering the ideal results, you will also be able to assess the cost per lead. This involves measuring the converted leads against the cost of your campaign, as well as the cost to gain a new client. In other words, conversion metrics lets you find out if your campaign is being profitable or not.


To determine the profitability of your digital marketing efforts, you need to measure the cost of your campaign against the fees you gained from new clients that have been converted over a specific period. This metric is also useful in determining the source of your highest conversion rates and revenues. You can then maximize those areas to boost your ROI.

Whatever your goals are for your business, it is crucial to evaluate whether your current marketing efforts are working or not. Doing so will help you avoid wasting your money on strategies that are not delivering results.