Make, Save, Protect, Repeat: The Way the Rich Look after their Wealth

Protect your wealthPeople have many questions about how rich people stay rich. The short answer is they have a different mindset. The long answer is they follow a series of direct and linear steps. Average moneymakers are fine with making and saving money. Rich people, on the other hand, put extra measures in place. In addition to making and saving money, they also invest and apply some protection.

Rich people don’t just put money in piggy banks. They just don’t spend their windfalls on unnecessary splurges. Companies that look over other people’s assets note that rich people think that securing their wealth is as important as making it. McCullough & Sparks explained that they use “proven strategies to protect your assets against any type of liability, such as bankruptcy, lawsuits, tax liens, government action, and divorce.”

Separate Assets

For business people, it’s advisable to separate your business assets from personal ones. Problems, such as partnership disputes and debts, can affect some of your own assets incorporated to the business. To avoid such problems, consult business lawyers who may help limit your liabilities and improve the structure of the business based on your own needs (in case you’re the sole owner) or the requirements of the partners.

Get Insurance

Rich people use insurance to cover themselves from risks and liabilities. Policies, however, may depend on the type of the asset and the risks that come with it. Apart from the insurance for tangible assets, such as cars and homes, the rich get health, workers’ compensation, and business insurance policies.


Those who invest heavily on stocks and funds turn to diversification not just for variety, but also for risk reduction. Having a diversified portfolio means placing your money on different types of stock or fund. Doing so will prevent you from losing all your money in case the sole stock you invest in loses.

Asset protection is for everyone. Protective measures are for those who are looking to increase their wealth regardless of the current size of their asset.