Maintenance 101: Taking Care of Your Used Office Furniture

A collection of office chairs Office furniture can be quite challenging to maintain. Like home furniture, office furniture is a real investment — you have shelled out a lot of money for it. It will be a waste to buy new office furniture simply because you let it become rusty because of negligence.

In case you are buying office furniture in Utah or from any other city, it’s best that you know how to take care of your investment.

Regular Check-Ups

Doing regular furniture check-ups help ease problems in the office. Such problems are preventable before they become a nuisance. Check for loose screws or creaking chairs. Provide desk pads, mats, and coasters to keep the office clean and neat. Schedule regular scanning of computers to check and remove viruses. Keep printers running smoothly. See if tables have rough edges that cause accidents.

Set Office Policies

Used office furniture doesn’t mean they are less durable compared to new office furniture. If you bought office furniture, set policies to your employees, such as no sitting on armrests or no slamming of cabinets and drawers.

Use Only Appropriate Cleaners

Know what works with your used office furniture. There are cleaners and wipes that work only with wood furniture, and shouldn’t be for metal furniture. Read the instructions carefully, as well.

Keep a Checklist of What to Maintain

While you can’t check everything in one day, keeping a checklist helps make things more convenient. You can delegate certain office furniture to technicians and employees.

For instance, desks, chairs, file cabinets, and client seating may be maintained daily by a janitor or maintenance aide. Keyboards, mouse, desktop computers, monitors, and photocopiers may be checked and maintained by a technician. These hardware and accessories don’t have to undergo rigorous maintenance. In fact, you can them only every month.

Maintenance is the key to keeping your used office furniture working as if these are new ones. It also prevents you from buying over and over, hence you save more time and money. Just make sure you entrust your office furniture to people who know how to take care of them properly.