It’s Possible to Over-Optimize for Digital Marketing

Search Engine OptimizationOptimizing for SEO is good. It helps people find your website when they look for it. In turn, it results in additional transactions, better brand awareness, and better sales. But like everything done in excess, search engine optimization can work against you. This is why California-based digital marketing company Musselwhite Marketing and Consulting advocates taking it easy.

A Few Truths About Over-Optimization

It used to work in the early days of SEO. It’s common to see websites with tons of keywords and marketing practices that involve sending lots of spam links to a site. But that is no longer the case today. Search engines are now “smarter” than ever — they no longer search for keywords verbatim. Since 2012, Google has completely de-indexed websites which still practice keyword-stuffing and link-spamming. It’s due to the Penguin algorithm update.

Over-optimization nowadays isn’t what it used to be, however. Some may claim that they’re not over-optimizing just because they’re not keyword stuffing. It’s more than that. Know that search engines are now a far cry from their counterparts in the past.

Signs That Your Website Is Over-Optimized

Websites are still prone to over-optimization. Take content, for instance. There’s a hankering to SEO’s old days when people try to put too many keywords and keyword phrases, to the point that it looks way too obvious.

Changing keywords too often can have consequences as well. In SEO, it’s important that businesses focus on keywords where they are strongest, although it’s fine to switch keywords now and then. And lastly, there’s the prevalence of hyperlinks, fluffy content, and keyword phrases that get in the way of the content’s structure. Again, awkward-sounding and awkward-looking phrases have no place in appropriately optimized content.

Closing Thoughts

The problem with over-optimization is that people focus too much on its technicalities. In truth, SEO is all about relevance. People search the internet for useful information. A piece of content or a website can contain the most searchable keywords, but if it’s irrelevant to what the user is looking for, it’s worthless. This is what businesses must focus on.