It’s Not Working: Why Most Employees Hate Their Jobs

Work and LifeIt is a sad truth that those who are lucky enough to have a job are not excited to get to the office every morning. According to a research by Gallup, only 13 percent of employees are fully engaged at work. The remaining percentage are stressed, discouraged, and unmotivated. This leads to lower productivity, which can directly affect your bottom line.

Read on and learn about some of the most common reasons your team members are not too satisfied with their jobs, as well as what you can do to bring back the spark.

You Ignore Them

Some employees feel like simple tools or parts contributing to your desire to earn more money. Motivational speakers from say that it is important to show team members how important they are. Let them know that they make a difference, both individually and as part of the organization. Ask about any work concerns and feedback and don’t forget to acknowledge that they have priorities outside of work.

They Don’t Feel Appreciated

Appreciation involves so much more than paying employees the money they deserve. It is much better to show gratitude by telling them personally that they did a good job. You can also email them or send them gifts to show that you acknowledge and thank them for their accomplishments. Praises like these mean so much more than tangible things like cash incentives or rewards.

You Burn Them Out

It is imperative for staff members to have time for physical and mental recovery to avoid employee stress or burnout. Research suggests that those who take breaks every 90 minutes have a better level of focus than those who do not take any breaks. It is also important to show employees that you value their work by letting them go on vacation when appropriate.

With more people voluntarily leaving their jobs, managers and business owners try to beef up incentives, perks, and cash rewards. The only problem, however, is that nobody is inspired to get up every morning just because of gift cards or free lunch. People want to feel inspired and good about themselves and the people they work with.