Is Online Video the Future of Content Marketing?

Watching VideoIn about five to six years, would you still be reading this piece, or watching it instead? Such a question is fast becoming relevant, since videos seem to be taking over the spotlight for text-based content. Data from Cisco predicts that video will account for about 69% of all Internet traffic by 2017. In addition, video-on-demand content would’ve tripled in prevalence during the same time frame.

Now, what does this mean for the future of content marketing? It’s simple: videos will occupy most of the consumers’ time online. Companies like will experience further business boom, since data from Nielson indicates that over 60% of online marketers expect video to dominate their strategies soon.

Bye-bye TV Ads?

The prevalence (and popularity) of online video is no fluke. A study by the Interactive Advertising Bureau indicates that they’re even invading the space of TV ads in marketing budgets. After surveying 300 brand marketers, the IAB found out that two thirds are focusing their finances into online video. Various sites are being targeted (YouTube and Vimeo among the more major ones), and even smaller-scale formats like that of Instagram and Vine.


There’s only one explanation for online video’s popularity as an online marketing tool. Its reach is massive, and it covers ground in a flash. YouTube alone receives over a billion unique users monthly. Compared to other channels, that’s monumental. Now, imagine if a single viral video manages to reach that massive pool of audience. The marketing possibilities are endless.

Storytelling as a Collective Preference

Everyone loves a good story. While novels do their share, videos can still invoke the same feeling of wonder, but in a much quicker, more evident way. It’s due to a clever combination of sound, vision, and dialog. With this, there’s the potential to foster genuine emotional connections between a company and its customers. Quite simply, if customers can actually relate to the brand’s message, it paves the way for improved brand identity. At times, you can even include brand loyalty into the mix.

You’ve seen how fast videos can become viral. So, why not leverage that same quality? Companies, however, need to be careful when focusing their efforts on this undertaking. There’s only two paths involved here: utter failure or massive success.