Integrating Content and User Experience

SEO collaboration with the employeesUser experience has evolved from just design and interface and has now included content as well. Videos, images, copy and others have the ability to affect a visitor’s perception of your brand and what you offer.

A Denver-based SEO expert cites the following ways on how you can efficiently and successfully integrate your content strategy with a user experience.

Clarity and Readability

Making content easy to read should be one of your goals, but you don’t have to shorten its length. Focus on readability by properly spacing letters and paragraphs for text. It must also have structure, with headlines and subtitles along with the body and conclusion. Improve its visual appeal by integrating appropriate images and videos. Show the value proposition of your brand what solutions or answers you would provide your intended audience.

Usefulness to the Visitor

Users don’t want to waste their time browsing a website, especially if they have hundreds of options that are a click away. Make the content a part of the visuals, and it has to present a use to visitors, whether it is to describe or showcase your products and services or to demonstrate how to use it. Each element on a page must have a use for the user.

Content Architecture

The content you publish must have some form of information architecture to keep visitors engaged. Organize videos, photos and text in a way that attracts a click and maintains a user reading and consuming your content. Lay it out properly so that the page highlights certain elements and sections of it, and also improves its readability.

Focus on the User

The focus of the content must be on the interests and information that a user deems useful. Make videos and write copy that engages visitors by understanding who they are and their concerns. Drive the point home by weaving a story and facts into the content you publish.

Content is fast-becoming an important aspect of the user experience, improving this aspect of your website enables you to convert at a higher rate and keep visitors interested.