HR Feedback Apps at Work: The Pros and Cons

An employee working on a feedback review Long gone are lengthy surveys printed on paper and can cause inconveniences when your business has branches in different parts of the globe. With the widespread application of technology in different industries, HR is no stranger to its potential.

Online feedback systems are becoming a standard in collecting reviews from employees. In fact, General Electric (GE), MGM Resorts International, and have adopted feedback apps as part of an HR support service.

Issues Handled in Real-Time

Feedback app developers are claiming that instant feedback apps contribute to improved productivity and transparency by allowing employees to review each other. Employees do not have to wait for year-end assessments to know their strengths and weaknesses, and they address issues immediately.

According to the management research firm CEB, around 6% of companies in Fortune 500 have removed employee’s rankings in favor of instant performance feedback.

Just like any other HR tool, an online feedback system has its benefits, but if not implemented properly, it may be a bane to the company.

Instant Reviews Can Lead to Pressure

Dr. Karissa Thacker, advisor and workplace psychologist to companies such as AT&T and International Paper, attempted to compare instant feedback apps to the early usage of email at work.

She found out that “some people would send inappropriate messages, creating tension in the office, until management set clear rules on the proper use of email.”

While the instant feedback technology is exciting, the lesson here is the company-wide rollout of feedback apps should come with guidelines first, so you curtail potential abuse and bullying.

Management of Feedback Apps

“It is critical that human resource leaders be proactive in developing rules of engagement regarding instant feedback apps. The rules need to be developed through a partnership of business leaders and the HR function,” Dr. Thacker tells Society for Human Resource Management.

Yes, feedback apps are not something your company should shy away from, but it’s important for you to consult with HR support services companies that are supplying these tools so you can learn which appropriate regulations you can implement that employees should adhere to when giving their feedback.