How Often Should You Wash These Home Items?

person cleaning the floorA major challenge that new homeowners face is knowing how often they should wash household items. Things like curtains, windows, or kitchen tools are made of different materials, which means they should ideally be cleaned at different rates.

Some don’t need to get washed every week because it might degrade the material. while those that get a lot of dirt every day would need more frequent cleaning. Here’s an in-depth guide at how often you should clean your household stuff:


window cleaning company in Prescott, AZ explains that windows get dirty from exposure to outdoor elements such as rain or smog. They should ideally be washed twice a year.

Shower Curtains

These should be washed once a week. Most can be cleaned in a washing machine with hot water and mild detergent.


In the bedroom, sheets could harbor bacteria and sweat, making them stink. Experts recommend washing and changing them once or twice a week.


Cars get exposed to dirt and mud, which could harden on the surfaces. It’s recommended to wash vehicles every one to three weeks.


Experts say jeans can be used four times before they need to get washed. It depends, though; if it gets stained with certain substances, it needs to get washed immediately.


Towels need to dry up because they could get loaded with germs bacteria after repeated wetness from use. It’s recommended to wash or swap them every other day.

Homeowners must be informed about how often various household items need to get washed or cleaned. A window has a different rate of washing than that of a towel, for instance. Knowing the right time to wash these belongings will help preserve their material and keep them in use for longer.