How Metal Recycling Affects the Environment and the Economy

Metal RecyclingThe metal recycling industry is not as known to many people, but it exists. This practice is actually quite large and continuously grows with the amount of metal in the environment, for example, in the appliances alone that people no longer use.

Wondering about how recycling metal is actually beneficial to everyone? Then you just came into the right place.

Environmental Benefits
  • Energy Saving. The energy you use in recycling metal is actually significantly lower than when manufacturers produce one from raw materials. For instance, recycling steel, copper, and aluminium actually saves about 56%, 90%, and 92% of energy respectively against manufacturing them from virgin materials. Aside from that, it also helps decreasing the greenhouse effect, which is a major global problem.
  • Natural Resources Preservation. Making metal from scrap metals also save the environment through the conservation of natural resources. For one, when recycling steel, it actually saves hundreds and thousands of iron ore, limestone, and coal. Aluminium recycling helps save bauxite ore.
  • Space Saver. Since metal garbage pretty much eat up a lot of space in the neighbourhood, recycling them will give way for other wastes like plastics and biodegradable products. This way, there will be less junk then your place will be ‘nicer’ to look at.
Economic Benefits

You might be surprised to find that recycling metal is more than just about saving the environment. This industry helps save money because there will be less need for raw materials when producing metal-based products. This way, manufacturers can make more products without having to spend huge money. In addition, they are able to offer more job opportunities to the communities, therefore reducing the number of unemployed.

Who knows recycling metal can be of so much benefit to everybody? When people start thinking less about themselves and more about others too, together, everyone can make one big difference to the whole world.