How Can Your Company Stand Out During Job Fairs?

Job Fair in Oklahoma CityIs your company joining its first job fair? Congratulations. Apart from having a chance to promote and market your services, the most important role of participating in a job fair is to find the right people for your vacancies. Here are some ways to make your company a little more competitive and memorable among the rest.

Prepare Your Branding

An Oklahoma City job fair is pretty much like any other fair in other cities. People come in, look for a company that has specific vacancies, apply — and luckily get interviewed — and then leave. Not many potential employees are willing to spend the entire day aimlessly walking around. Have banners and commercial signs put up at the entrance if possible. If you want to go all out, Alphagraffix INC. and other signage companies recommend vehicle wraps to promote your business while your company van is at the parking area.

Pick the Best Representatives

Some of the smartest, friendliest, and most accommodating employees might not be used to talking with many people in a non-office environment. Choose the most willing and appropriate representatives based on their work ethics and character profiles. Train them in the qualifying applicants and the hiring process in a job fair. Don’t forget to have calling cards printed out, so they can be handed out readily.

Make the Process Quick

Job fairs don’t follow the same timeline and detailed hiring process as your company’s more intimate and professional environment. Your people should be quick-witted and aware the time constraints to give equal chances to each interviewee. They need to make each conversation short and sweet so there won’t be a long cue that can discourage other possible applicants.

Setting up for a job fair is not so difficult. The challenge is getting the right individuals to apply. Don’t use the standard promotional fare. Be ready to shell out a little bit more, so your company is noticeable and you can hire the right job applicants.