How Can You Improve Your SAT Score?

High School Online CourseThe SAT is a big deal for high school students who want to have a shot at the schools of their choice. The test result won’t determine your future, but it will at least give you an idea of what it’s going to be. Improving your scores in its subjects isn’t always easy.

But, the following ideas will prepare you and give you a better chance of scoring high: 

Writing Portion

One of the most common grammar rules that appear on the SAT is subject-verb agreement. This means that you should put a lot of effort on mastering this concept in English. Understand the nuances by reading a lot and discussing it with your teacher. Another portion of the test to work on is the questions that provide “no error” answers among the choices. This tests your ability to notice even the smallest of grammar mistakes. Reread sentences and learn the nuances of grammar to notice the slightest mistakes once you take the SAT.

Essay Writing

You have to write an essay when you take the SAT; you have to plan examples before taking the actual test. Think about different historical or literature scenarios that you can fit into prompts. Planning ahead saves you time and effort once you are taking the test. When you write, have a clear introduction and conclusion that both have a single thesis. The American Academy notes that high school online courses may help you how to spell out and outline your thesis and the structure of your essay.

Skim Passages

This may seem counterintuitive, but the time pressure to finish answering certain sections of the SAT will force you to do so. An effective strategy is to read the conclusion and intro paragraphs of a passage, and the first and last sentences of each paragraph.

These are some of the ways you can improve your SAT score; there are many others, but your best shot at getting the result you want is to study and read a lot.