Hiring a Gun Safe Mover is Your Best Bet

Safe MoversA gun safe, as its name suggests, keeps guns protected from thieves and kids. However, the same cannot be said for gun owners who attempt to lug the huge cabinet themselves. Safes are heavy and bulky, which is why hiring the services of professionals is the logical thing to do. Gun safe movers have the equipment, know-how and the experience to get the job done fast.

Strength and Stair Climbers

Gun safes come in different shapes and sizes, which is why reputable movers are armed with a variety of stair climbers catering to all types of safes. A heavy-duty climber can carry up to around 1,500 lbs., with sturdy safe jacks that can withstand 9,000 lbs. worth of pressure. Smaller climbers are also available, which can be moved around areas with limited space.

Given the different types of items transported, some gun safe movers split their personnel into different divisions, specializing in specific items to be moved. Gun safe movers are trained to move heavy items; they know the angles in which safes can be ported and they know the techniques necessary to get around a tough area. Efficiency comes with experience, quite frankly.

Ease of Transport

Apart from stair climbers, gun safe movers in Denver like LightSpeedDelivery.com have ramps, bars, pallet jacks, and other equipment built to carry a large assortment of heavy items, like cabinets, closets and refrigerators. So, customers who intend to switch addresses can contact these guys to transport not just gun safes, but also a multitude of home items. For a fair price, your safe and other belongings can be delivered to your new address quickly.

Furthermore, some companies have awesome extras, such as repairing safes, improving the locking mechanism, and troubleshooting safes. You can ask the company to install new locks in case you live in an area that has a rather unfavorable crime rate. In a nutshell, hiring a reputable gun safe mover brings a haul of conveniences in more ways than one.