High Octane Adventures while Living in Colorado

ColoradoColorado has 54 mountains higher than 14,000 feet. The number alone gives you an idea of the possibilities for adventure travel in the state. The state is home to a lot of outdoor places where people can hike, bike, ski or kayak. If you are an adventure sports buff who likes the great outdoors, you would want to talk to real estate companies in Colorado to inquire about properties.

High Adventure

For those who like rock climbing, camping, and hiking, there are several outstanding and unique activities in Colorado. It takes some effort, but it will be well worth it.

Cliff camping. This is the farthest thing from glamping. Located at the Rocky Mountain National Park, the Kent Mountain Adventure Center offers a breathtaking view of a mountain sunset and an awe-inspiring morning when you wake up at camp.

Camp, in this case, is a group of semi-rigid hammocks that hang along the mountainside. The visitors walk you to the edge of the mountain, where you rappel down and then set up a portaledge along the mountainside. You get to enjoy dinner and sleep practically hanging from a rocky cliff.

Canyoning. You can try your hand at canyoning in the town of Ouray. It involves going down a canyon and walking through it. Before you actually do it, you would be trained in rappelling, down climbing, and how to walk or scramble through the canyons. At the end of the trip, you would descend the back of a waterfall.

Concert Under the Stars

Colorado is about celebrating the great outdoors. It includes attending an open-air concert at Red Rocks. This place has been the backdrop of countless memorable concerts by international and local artists. It is a natural amphitheater with red stone walls tapering towards the stage. On days where there is no scheduled concert, the place is open to the public for free.

For unique places to visit, Colorado should be on your list.