“Hello from the Ticket Line, Clicked Refresh a Thousand Times”

Ticket LineAdele’s fans across the United States are all looking forward to singing along to the star’s latest hit, “Hello”— from the other side of the concert, that is.

The announcement of concert tours always comes with the stress of buying tickets. Because you’re not the only fan of this superstar’s music, buying can be a bit of a struggle. Adele’s fans had the same concern, which is why they braced themselves on the selling day itself.

Unfortunately, high demands combined with technological difficulties snatched a bit of hope from the singer’s fans.

The Adele Debacle

Tickets for the award-winning singer’s North American tour went on sale last December. Despite Adele’s team expanding the tour with additional dates and new sales, fans scrambling for tickets were still disappointed. The previous sales for the same tour crashed due to the demand of 500,000 people attempting to buy tickets earlier.

American fans used social media to express their frustrations with Ticketmaster. Their complaints focused on the website’s Captcha security service, which requires buyers to enter a random combination to prove they’re not robots. The faulty service, however, prevented them from completing the purchase.

Sold Out…What Now?

The entire Adele debacle is nothing new for concert goers. In fact, it’s a classic example of a worst case scenario and it can also happen to you.

Fortunately, not all hope is immediately lost. TheTicketMerchant.com.au advices fans to have faith in the power of the Internet. With its broad reach and wide networks, you can still find sites that sell tickets at face value. A little research and some patience go a long way for the super fan. Just make sure you deal with reputable sites.

Content tracker Priceonomics also recommends waiting at least a month after the initial sale. Since the hype for the concert wanes by the 5th week, there’s still a chance of getting the best prices.

A Lesson from Adele

The entire ticket mishap teaches ticketing companies to ensure fully functional pages days before the selling. Apart from reminding establishments to double check their sites, fans should also be prepared for the worst. If you really want to see a concert, always have a backup plan ready and set your expectations.

While Adele’s fans will be greeting hello from the other side of the concert, the same need not happen to you. Stay prepared and hope the network works in your favour.