Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger…Site Speeds from Content Delivery Networks

SEO in PerthSEO specialists know that a site’s loading time impacts search rankings. They continue to emphasise the importance of page speed and loading time; even Google believes that speed is essential.

To improve page speed, Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) play an important role. Sadly, most people are not familiar with CDNs or how the entire process works. Don’t be one of them. Improve your site’s performance by harnessing the capabilities of CDNs.

CDNs: Hot Topic for Organisations

A Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a system of servers distributed throughout the platforms delivering web pages and other forms of content according to the geographical location of users. You can easily deliver large amounts of content without any interruption.

Businesses wanting to expand through the Internet have been eyeing CDNs for global users. It opens opportunities to reach out to millions of users anywhere within seconds. If you are looking to grow your business, SEO Perth Experts highly recommends giving CDN a try. After all, putting your company out in front of others should be a top priority.

The CDN Process

CDNs are composed of network servers called “points of presence,” otherwise known as POPs. Each of these servers are spread out in different locations. The “edge server” is the CDN server located closest to the user access point. When they put requests in for content from a site, the CDN connects them to the closest edge server. This guarantees users the best experience possible.

The CDN also allows users to temporarily store website content. Compared to origin deliveries, the system uses the edge server for faster data fetching. Requested content can travel from the closest POP and back easily.

An SEO’s Best Friend

CDNs improve the quality and speed of the content a user receives. This SEO solution works to improve efficient content delivery and page speed, but need not be the only thing done to increase your ranking. Think of it as another technical factor that gives you the SEO edge.

CDN benefits anyone with a website or mobile application. CDNs are useful for sites that contain different content types and also increase site load speed. Ask a professional to learn more about this advanced SEO tool.