Getting Ready for The Ski Season: First-Time Skier’s Shopping List

Skiing VacationSo here you are, thinking about your first ever ski vacation – and you are pondering, nervously, “How many things should I carry?” Skiing has a frightening reputation for being costly, and given that almost every ski picture in the papers underscores the fact –- with a photo of a celebrity wreathed in fur and Prada – it’s not strange that most people tremble at the price of all the accessories, from Chanel sunnies to ski jacket.

But, they should not. Skiing’s special, oligarchs only image is decades obsolete now, and while there’s a prospect to spend a lot if you wish to, it’s similarly possible to have whatever you need for a fairly small amount of cash. Below is first timer`s skier’s shopping list:

Skis, Boots and Poles

First off, don’t purchase your boots, poles and skis for your first ski trip. It’s normal to procedure to have them hired, in the ski location, on your first time out – that'll range from about $60, depending on a ski resort and country. Many ski holiday packages include some of these ski gears so don’t forget to ask your travel advisor whether these items are offered as part of the package.

Ski Pants and Jacket 

You don’t want to buy these too. Unlike your skis and boots, these are the type of gear you can get from your family or friends. If no one can assist you, then consider one of the firms that rent these things.


Much better than sunglasses – which can’t help you when it’s windy or snowing? However, ensure that you test them first before you borrow or buy them, so you are sure they fit. If you are buying, visit your closest ski shop.

Ski Helmet

Everyone should put on a helmet when skiing. First timers are usually under the perception that helmets are just for experts. Other ski gears to consider include;


•Skier’s Travel Insurance



Ski season is getting close, so get your complete ski gear as soon as you can.