Fulfil Your Dream: Repurposing a Spare Room into a Studio

people dancingDid you once dream of becoming a rock star, a ballet dancer or an abstract painter? Do you have a spare room at home? Well, if your answer to both questions is yes, don’t worry because it’s never too late to fulfil your dream – or to at least get a feel of living it.

First thing you should do is find a space to practice. If you have a spare room in your house, consider turning it into a music, dance or art studio.

Music studio

If you’ve always wanted to be a musician, consider converting your spare room into a music studio. There, you can sing your heart out or bang on your drums whenever you want. Just be sure, however, that the studio is equipped with the necessary features, such as soundproofing and acoustic absorption panels, for sound control. Of course, you’ll also need instruments (guitar, drums, etc.) and other devices (microphones, amplifiers, etc.) for your music studio.

Dance studio

To live your dream of becoming a dancer, transform your spare room into a dance studio. Make it the perfect place to practice dance moves to your heart’s content. For a dance studio, the essential things you’ll need are mirrors, a dance floor (usually wooden or marley) and barres (for stretching and other exercises). Additionally, you should have a good sound system to play the music you’ll be dancing to.

Art studio

Finally, nurture the artist in you by modifying your spare room into an art studio. A well-lighted and ventilated art studio will surely help get your creative juices flowing. If possible, your studio should also have a good view of nature (e.g., ocean, mountains or even just your garden) for added inspiration. Paints, brushes, drawing pencils, papers, canvases, easels, chairs or stools, as well as storage units like shelves and chests are just some of the items needed for your art studio.

Repurpose your spare room and give yourself a chance to fulfil your dream. Remember that it’s never too late to make your dream a reality—even if it’s just in the confines of one room in your home.