From Plain to Posh: Making a Simple Bathroom Look Luxurious

Bathroom DesignEverybody loves to have a luxury bathroom. Marble walls, accent lighting, and sunken tubs with great, scenic views, can you imagine bathing here with a wine glass in your hand? The good news is it’s possible to experience the vibe of a luxury home even with just a small, quintessential bathroom. How? Here are simple tips:

Go for the All-Classic White

A lot of people think everything’s extravagant in luxury bathrooms. While this is true for some, especially in old homes, most modern houses keep it low-key, especially in color. It’s what you call subtle elegance. Take this same principle and apply a white or neutral color scheme in your space.

White RTA vanity cabinets are the perfect backdrop for simple elegance, for the walls, you may choose off-white shades that have patterns to offer some texture. Complete the classic white palette by in pure white linens and towels.

Add Drama with Lighting

Luxurious bathrooms are known for the specific kind of mood or drama they exude in the space. You can replicate this easily by changing up your lighting. Ditch the traditional light bar above the mirror and go for gorgeous sconces. If your space and the budget permits, you may want to add some pendant lighting as well.

You can also place some scented candles near the bathtub. At night, this doesn’t just add drama to the entire space but also prompts relaxation.

Give It an Artistic Flair

The most expensive bathrooms feature art pieces, whether it be the traditional wall art or sculpture. Copy the look by incorporating art pieces in your bathroom.

The first thing to keep in mind here is know the style you want. Is it pop art? Contemporary? Abstract? Decide also which medium you like. Is it oil? Watercolor? Print? In general, pieces that are framed are ideal because they won’t warp or catch mold.

Your simple bathroom can have the aura of luxurious bathrooms just by following these tips. Have fun decorating!