Four Reasons Why Should Do Criminal Background Checks Before Hiring

While past behaviour does not always predict future behaviour, it is a reliable way of determining a person’s character. People bearing a criminal record are more likely to express negative behaviour at the workplace, which could lead to the fall of your business. The following are four reasons why you should conduct criminal background checks.

1. It can reduce chances of violence in the office

Violence at the office is well and alive in Australia. According to research, the risk of suffering violence in the office is on the rise. Violence is a general term that is just more than physical assault. It involves threats, destruction of property, harassment, verbal abuse, and other intentions to cause harm. Usually, it is difficult to know the character of a person at face value. Even aggressive interviewing may not give you clues about a person’s violent history. However, a background check that reveals a history of past convictions related to violence can raise a red flag. The good thing is that it doesn’t necessarily delay your hiring process, accessing criminal records in New South Wales can be done in relatively short time.

2. Can reduce the risk of being sued for negligent hiring

It is the responsibility of the employer to ensure the health safety and welfare of employees while at the workplace. The law, therefore, expects you to take proper measures to ensure that your employees are not harmed at the workplace. If one employee is harmed by another, they can sue you for negligence. In the same breath, you could also be sued by a customer who is harmed by your employee.

3. Legal requirement

In some instances, the law requires that you do a background check before hiring. This is especially if you are dealing with vulnerable groups or in the case of regulated work. The WWVP Act of 2011 requires necessities criminal record checks if your organisation deals with children, disabled, elderly, or other vulnerable groups.

4. Businesses credibility

Your customers and other stakeholders need to have confidence in your people. If you have a history of hiring people with questionable character, you may lose people’s trust and confidence and consequently lose business.

While a criminal background check is not a guarantee for good conduct, it is a sure way to minimise negative behaviour.