For Your Inspiration: A Timeless Bathroom Design

BathroomBathrooms are one of the most used areas in homes. It’s not surprising then that wear and tear happens fast in bathrooms — and that renovations are almost always needed. But remodelling projects aren’t the easiest and most inexpensive things to do. That’s why most modern homeowners in Auckland strive not for a trendy design in bathrooms, but rather, something timeless.

So, what exactly makes a bathroom design timeless? If you’re looking to renovating your bathroom, you may want to look at these timeless features:

Colour palette

White is a timeless colour because of its unparalleled versatility. You can pair it with other colours and match it with any style of the home. You can never go wrong with white.

There must be a reason as well that most bathroom fixtures, like toilets and tubs, are white: they make the space look clean. And in bathrooms where people make the most intimate and personal activities, cleanliness is important.


The most exquisite bathrooms throughout history are the ones that let in natural light and use artificial lighting strategically.

Aside from opening windows, you can maximise natural light in your space by installing mirrors. Auckland design experts say that placing mirrors in 1800s bathrooms, you’ll see one common striking element: the white colour palette. White is seaside or opposite windows will reflect more light into the room. For artificial lighting, wall-fixed sconces and chandeliers are a timeless choice.


Another notable characteristic of timeless bathrooms is the use of the right materials for the flooring, tiling, and bathroom fixtures. Long-lasting, quality materials are marble, stone and ceramics.

The right type of materials give an air of luxury to the space, even with just a few embellishments. They also facilitate temperature control to the space, giving refreshing coolness in the summer and soothing warmth during winter.

These are what make a bathroom design timeless. Create yours with these features for an exquisite design regardless of the season.