Flooring Options for Rustic Style Interior Designs

Rustic and colourful home designVarious parts of your home and commercial space will need remodelling once in a while. Among the parts of the house commonly affected by wear over time is your floor. Renovating the floor can transform your building’s entire look since this covers the largest surface area in your property after the walls.

Rustic interiors are all the rage for all residential and commercial premises aiming for a laid back and rural look. There are flooring options that builders in Auckland New Zealand such as Qualified Building Solutions will recommend to complement other aspects of the rustic design.

Here are some of these suggestions.

Stone Tile

This material has an obvious rustic charm. Granite, travertine, and slate are excellent choices for rustic floors. For the quaint country beauty appeal, opt for the roughest stone surface. Terracotta is a baked, gorgeous material, which is also becoming increasingly popular for rustic designs because of its stunning ambient antiquity.


This is the original choice material for rustic properties. Hardwood can be distressed to give it a well-worn and aged appearance. The most popular hardwood options for rustic floors are walnut, mahogany, ash, maple, cherry, and oak. Teak, mesquite, and Jarrah are also popular exotic hardwood options but these come at a price.

Vinyl and Laminate

If you are on a budget, luxury vinyl and laminate are the ideal choices for your rustic floor. There are currently various technologies, which allow these materials to replicate the appearance of stone and wooden floors at a small cost.

You can replicate the look down to the texture of stone and the grain of wooden floors.

Even with the luxurious look and durability of the above rustic floors, they are significantly affordable. You can be sure your floor remodelling will not leave a dent in your wallet. Licensed builders can best handle the installation of the above floors if you want a durable and perfect floor.