First Time Living Alone? Don’t Worry: Surviving London is Easy

New couple moving in LondonThe thought of living in London can be extremely exciting, especially when it is your first time out of the nest. Being there on your own can be frightening and stressful, as you do not know what is waiting for you. But do not worry, as there are ways to survive in the city.

You are Not Really Alone

London may seem big and busy, especially when you have just arrived. That said, there are probably plenty of others who feel or have felt the same way. Whilst not everyone will welcome cheery greetings, a smile or a nod (or both) can do wonders for anyone. It may even help you get to know your potential neighbours and start on your path to settling in.

Choosing a Neighbourhood

This is naturally the first thing you need to do. The “right” neighbourhood can mean different things to different people. Do you want a place that is right next to where you will work? Do you want a place near your school? Are you looking for a quiet place to live or one that comes alive at night?

Find a place that will fit your budget. Many students and young professionals go for student accommodations in London to start with. These accommodations are affordable and are usually located in areas where public transportation is easily accessible. Most Londoners are likely to advise you that walking is often faster, so you may want to consider that as well.

Know Where to Get Everything

Another bonus to walking is that you get to see things you would likely miss if you were riding on a bus or the tube. Over time, you will get to know all the main and side roads that will let you get to where you need to go fast. Fast is often the name of the game in London, which is likely the root of its reputation for being a rather unfriendly place. But the truth is most Londoners are up to the task of helping newcomers out. You might even get tips on places where you can best get your groceries and the freshest produce.

Remember that adjusting to a new place is always made less daunting if you are willing to make the effort to be more open. Embrace the present and work on your future in your new address.