Favourable Weather Causes Abundant Harvest for U.K Strawberries

Woman about to bite a strawberryThe U.K. harvest of strawberries would increase 30 per cent due to favourable weather in May, as supermarkets have begun to offer large punnets for sale. As a matter of fact, production has been strong that some areas like Sainsbury have reduced their product prices by as much as 25 per cent. Supermarkets in several regions have also responded by having promotional offers.

For farmers who face difficulty in harvesting produce, farming equipment such as a cherry picker for hire in Staffordshire or Sainsbury can help to ensure faster delivery to stores and suppliers.

Ripe Harvest

The mild weather in May served as one reason farmers harvested strawberries earlier than expected, although nobody can complain about that. Britons are so enamoured with eating strawberries, whether with cream or downing it with champagne, that industry investments led the season to last up to nine months, according to the British Summer Fruits industry group.

The group said that the strawberry season only occurred for six weeks in the last 25 years, yet the increasing demand over the years have led to an almost all-year season for the fruit.

Early Sales

Apart from high demand, supermarkets wanted to sell strawberries earlier than expected because these quickly become spoiled even with the necessary storage measures. That’s why stores have even discounted their prices to prevent losses.

For 2017, sales of strawberry products would represent more than 50 per cent of total sales, amounting to £564 million. It’s no wonder that this berry remains the most popular berry among Britons with this projected sales figure, as consumption has already surpassed the level of purchases for apples and bananas.

The glut of strawberry production will not only benefit Britons who are fond of the fruit, but also those that engage in the wholesale and retail business of selling berries.