Facing the Giants: How Start-ups Can Beat Mega SEO Competitors

seoGreat returns on investment, a strong market, and a respectable industry — these are just some of the reasons many are looking at SEO services as a viable business opportunity. As more marketing companies emerge, however, the field has become more competitive than ever, and it can be a real struggle for start-ups to beat mega agencies in the industry.

Despite your being new to the business, you can beat competitors by making your strategies the most relevant for the searcher, as told by SEOReseller.com, an industry-leading SEO reseller.

Importance of Defining Your Niche

It’s always tempting to be the jack-of-all-trades in the industry, especially if you want to beat giant agencies that offer a range of digital marketing solutions. Doing everything as an SEO company makes it difficult to find your unique selling proposition, though. This would be a problem if you’re aiming to stand out from the rest.

It’s not a strategic move to offer SEO to just about any client that comes knocking on your door. Narrow down your client base, so you have a focus and can improve your services further.

When doing this, consider the industry you already have an expertise on. Legal? Dentistry? Then, ask yourself if ever you would focus on one, would it be possible to cater to other similar sectors. Think about industries that are experiencing growth as well, and if it would continue in the future.

Difference Localization Makes

Another way you can keep up with competition is focusing on your local audience. Local search is becoming much more important, so it pays to concentrate on these strategies.

Encourage local reviews on different directories. Google is now putting a heavier priority on Yelp and other similar sites. Pages that receive positive reviews rank higher than those that have negative feedbacks. Harness localized content as well because it is a great opportunity to share your expertise in the industry and establish your credibility.

Be involved in your community. Attend major events, especially search marketing conferences. Participation in such will allow you to introduce your company to others in the industry. You never know, you may meet partners who can help propel business forward.

The SEO industry continues to grow as more companies emerge. Keep up with the cutthroat competition by focusing on your niche and localization strategies.