Expanding Your Art With a Collaborative Artists’ Pool

Visual artistThere is a growing market for graphic artworks and for visual prints. As more artists are recognized for their skill, there is a growing need for artistic collaborators and teams that share a similar drive for their passion. If you want to pioneer your own artist hub, you can already start with these few effective suggestions.

Choosing the Right Portfolio

Bring in more artistic individuals who use different mediums and genres of visual art. Let the digital method mix with traditional style, allowing the older and younger artists learn from and encourage each other. Select and classify a general portfolio from all the artist submissions. Your goal is to uplift the struggling and unknown artists, not create a special circle of likeminded elites.


Once your artists’ pool is complete, bring them all together for introductions and goal-setting. Schedule a day where everyone, absolutely everyone, can be available for the meeting proper. It’s imperative that all are present because this is where everyone becomes familiar with their peers and can be part of creating the group’s long and short-term objectives.

Planning Events

Weekly and monthly meetings are required. However, your artist pool needs to be seen by the public and not always locked inside a studio. On-the-spot painting sessions, “plein air” and mall exhibits can launch your group into recognition. Keep everyone informed via the internet or texts especially those who are consistent with their work and are always present at meetings.

Promotion and Marketing

With everyone busy creating their exhibit pieces you may find it hard to continue promoting and marketing your group’s work. Contact a digital marketing company, such as DisruptiveAdvertising.com, that can assist you to grow your supporter and customer base online with proven promotional services such as pay per click advertising, social media services and even print advertising.

As more people learn to respect and appreciate your group’s offerings, you may find the need to expand your services and activities to continue the fire. Add lectures, sponsored events and online sales as you progress. Remember, the possibilities are endless when your creativity is limitless.