Effective Scares: Creating the Horror Atmosphere

Haunted house in MinnesotaDrawing fear out of a person is not a simple task. It takes perfect timing and targeting a specific source of fear for a person. Not all people have the same level of tolerance when it comes to scary things. Not everyone feels afraid of the same things. Due to this, designing a haunted house may be a problem for you. While you cannot please everybody, an effective horror theme park draws fear out from even those who remain skeptics.

Take cues on how Minnesota haunted houses effectively do the job. Here are some ways you can improve your scare tactics and inflict fear into your guests.

Mood Lighting

There is a reason most horror films are set in the night. The darkness brings mystery and forces a person’s imagination to be at work. When you cannot see clearly what is before you, your mind starts trying to fill in the blanks with what it can perceive. This is where you play with eerie noises, sudden loud sounds or even the lack of it. Create a variety of set pieces playing with lighting and hide those that do not add anything to your story. Put light on specific points of interest or even use lighting as a ruse for the big scares, just as The Haunting Experience does.


What makes horror movies effective is when they are able to create an atmosphere of dread and terror. It is truly scary when nothing is happening but you still feel like squirming or having difficulty staying put. You can achieve this by creating a good story for your haunted house. It is also all about the senses so make sure you hit your guests at the right spots. Use fog machines, create realistic set pieces and turn down the temperature inside the venue.

People pay great amounts to get themselves scared. Make sure they will have great things to say when they get out.