Easy DIY Gutter Cleaning Tips

Man cleaning the gutter from autumn leavesAre you looking for something to do this summer? Go up and clean your gutters before the rainy season strikes once again. Cleaning your gutter might not be your most favorite job, but dealing with the consequences of a clogged one when the rain starts to fall is even worse.

Hence, you should do gutter repair and maintenance before the rainy season. Professional gutter agencies in Maryland such as Uncle Skeeter’s Roofing, Siding & Gutters can help you with your repair, but it is possible to maintain your gutter by yourself. Here are some tips.

Protect yourself

Have the proper gears to protect yourself. Gloves, goggles, jackets, and boots are just some of the things you would need to get the job done properly without compromising your safety.


Choose the type of your ladder appropriately. Ladder horns are ideal to keep the ladder steady without damaging your rain gutters.

Secure the screws

Before proceeding with the cleaning process, make sure your screws are tight and well secured.

Scoop out

Use a scoop to take out debris found in your gutter like leaves, carcasses, accumulated dust, etc. You can buy a gutter scoop from the hardware store, or use your child’s sand shovel to help you get the job done.

Pressure washer

Once everything is secured and partially clean, use a pressure washer to remove the remaining gunk and dirt in your gutter. You can also use your garden hose to help wash the dirt out.

Clean the drain pipes

If water is not freely flowing after you have cleaned your gutter using a pressure washer, get down and clean your drain pipes using a plumber’s auger to pull out debris. In some cases, you can pull out debris from the top.

Easily clean your gutter and enjoy a great peace of mind knowing that your gutters would be in great shape regardless of how strong the rains and winds are his coming rainy season.